Breast Implant Illness Treatment Asheville

While the risk of immediate surgical complications due to breast implant surgery is low — about 1% — some women experience a range of post-operative symptoms collectively known as breast implant illness, or BII. From fatigue and brain fog to rashes and joint pain, the many symptoms of this medical condition often lead to significant distress and decreased quality of life for patients.

Currently, very little research has been conducted regarding BII, leaving it poorly understood by doctors and patients alike. Without independently funded, rigorous scientific studies to guide clinical decision-making, we are left with differing opinions on how to approach and treat breast implant illness.

Despite a lack of scientific consensus, one fact remains: women are having real symptoms that may be related to their implants. They want to be heard, and they want treatment.

At Halvorson Plastic Surgery, our goal is to listen, offer resources, and develop a treatment plan built around you. If you are experiencing symptoms of BII and considering treatment, the surgical approaches we offer may help you find relief.

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