The Basics of Laser Skin Treatments

From eliminating pigmented lesions to rejuvenating aging skin, laser therapy offers an effective solution to a myriad of patients’ cosmetic concerns. Utilizing specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue, this non-invasive solution enables plastic surgeons to perform precise procedures, safely, with minimal damage to surrounding areas.

Post-pregnancy bodies are beautiful, but they aren’t ideal for every mother. Learn more about Halvorson Plastic Surgery’s take on the typical “mommy makeover” in Asheville, NC.

The Beauty of Parenthood: Why I’m Not A Fan Of The Term “Mommy Makeover”

As an experienced plastic surgeon who puts good patient care above all else, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous patients seeking to enhance their confidence and improve their quality of life. Among these patients are women who, after giving birth, wish to address changes in their bodies through procedures such as abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, and various breast procedures. 

FAQ: Breast Augmentation in Asheville, NC

Frequently asked questions from those considering breast augmentation in Asheville, NC. These relevant questions from Halvorson Plastic Surgery might have crossed your mind.

Where Is the Best Place to Make an Incision for Breast Augmentation

Where Is the Best Place to Make an Incision for Breast Augmentation?

There are multiple options when it comes to the incision for breast augmentation. Every surgeon will have their preferred approach, and sometimes patients will also have a strong preference. Each incision has advantages and disadvantages, and fortunately, we have published clinical studies to help us compare specific complication rates between various incisions.

The most common incisions are the inframammary fold incision, the periareolar incision, and the transaxillary incision. Patients who are having a simultaneous breast lift (mastopexy) will usually have the augmentation performed within the scars placed to lift the breast so there is no separate scar.

Breast Implant Illness

Breast implant illness (BII) refers to a group of symptoms experienced by some patients who have breast implants, which may or may not be relieved after implant removal. Since very little research has been done regarding BII, it is poorly understood by doctors and patients alike. Without independently funded, rigorous scientific studies to guide clinical decision-making, we are left with a range of opinions on how to approach and treat breast implant illness. 
The fact remains that women are having real symptoms that may be related to their implants. They want to be heard and they want treatment. I would like to share my opinions and experience with BII, as well as the approach to treatment we offer at Halvorson Plastic Surgery


Some colleagues attended the Atlanta Breast Symposium, one of the most highly regarded conferences on plastic surgery of the breast, and told me an interesting story.  During one of the sessions, the crowd was shown photographs of women who had breast augmentation using a round or shaped (aka “teardrop” or “anatomic”) implant.  Surgeons were asked to submit their guess as to which type of implant was used.  The result was a great surprise.  Plastic surgeons, who take pride in their ability to assess augmented breasts, could not tell the difference!

Is the Ideal® Breast Implant the ideal breast implant?

Silicone breast implants have improved tremendously over the years due to improvements in both shell design and silicone gel structure, but saline implants have seen very little change and are avoided by most plastic surgeons I know.

I have always offered saline implants to my patients, especially those seeking a small or modest breast augmentation, as I think they are very good products that have certain advantages and feel similar to silicone implants when covered by a modest amount of breast tissue.