face lift • neck lift • brow lift

blepharoplasty • otoplasty • earlobe repair

augmentation • mastopexy (lift)

Breast Implant Illness

abdominoplasty • liposuction
brachioplasty • thigh lift

skin cancer removal and reconstruction
Mohs reconstruction

Top Surgery

implant-based breast reconstruction

revision of all forms of breast reconstruction

breast reduction

we no longer offer microsurgical breast reconstruction (eg DIEP flaps)


neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport) • fillers (Restylane, Revance)

liquid rhinoplasty


resurfacing • pigmentation
fine blood vessels • tattoo removal


Obagi • microdermabrasion • chemical peels
microneedling • dermaplaning


We offer the full spectrum of plastic surgery, based on excellent training, a decade of experience at two of the nation’s best hospitals, and current scientific evidence. We promise a warm and friendly experience for our patients, yet we are equally dedicated to providing outstanding results using proven techniques. We do not believe in offering procedures that give marginal results, or treatments that rely on marketing to draw patients in without supportive data. In short, we will not provide services that we wouldn’t offer to our friends and family!

Dr. Halvorson is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in cancer reconstruction and cosmetic surgery.  He is nationally renowned for his expertise in plastic surgery of the breast, and has extensive experience in secondary revision surgery to correct problems from prior surgery.

Why Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Before you put your trust in the hands of a surgeon, you must determine what their qualifications are. This is especially important when you are considering elective cosmetic surgery. Board-certification is a rigorous process that requires accredited training, an arduous written examination, a period of practice and case collection, and a challenging oral examination. Maintenance of certification over time requires ongoing education, assessment, and periodic recertification examinations. Be wary of practitioners who claim to be certified by a board that is not the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery does not have the same rigorous standards set by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. A board-certified plastic surgeon has the required training and expertise to treat you in a comprehensive, safe, and effective manner. Non board-certified providers of cosmetic services are often limited in what they can offer. When you have a hammer, the world is full of nails. If you have a complete toolbox, then you have the ability to fix things correctly. Don’t get what you paid for – get what you deserve and seek a board-certified plastic surgeon!

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